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Dive into your world of encircle

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About encircle program- Freedom from Cards

Encircle is Titan’s Loyalty program which allows members to earn & redeem points across all brand stores & E-commerce websites (www.titan.co.in, www.CaratLane.com). Every customer who shops at any of the Titan showrooms - Tanishq, MIA, Zoya, World of Titan,Fastrack, Helios,Titan Eyeplus, Skinn, Taneira & E-commerce website becomes an encircle member

Tiers points earning slabs

Points are calculated on following criteria:

*Points earned for every ₹ 1000 spent
Tiers Plain Gold Jewelery Studded Jewelery Watches, Eyewears, Sarees & Accessories
Silver 2 Pts 6 Pts 5 Pts
Gold 4 Pts 14 Pts 10 Pts
Platinum 6 Pts 20 Pts 15 Pts

1 Point = 1 Rupee

Process to enroll

Anyone can become encircle member by shopping at any of Titan brand stores (Tanishq, MIA, Zoya, World of Titan, Fastrack, Helios, Titan Eyeplus, Skinn, Taneira) & E-commerce websites. All members will be enrolled to Silver tier as their base tier.

On enrollment a membership number will be assigned to each customer and his unique registered mobile number will be mapped against his membership. Enrollment forms are available at the Cashiers desk. Customer Name and Mobile number are mandatory for enrollment.

Types of Encircle Tier:

Silver, Gold & Platinum

  • Points earning excluding bonus points required for Tier upgrade

    Tier Points required
    Gold 500 Points
    Platinum 3000 Points
  • Every point will be updated to customer account within 24-48 hours of the transaction at stores. In case of transaction at titan.co.in, points will be credited to customers account after 15 days of the transaction & with regard to Caratlane it is 90 days from the transaction

  • Earned Points are valid for 2 years + quarter end from the date of last transaction

    For eg: 2nd Jan 2015 earned points will expire on 31st Mar 2017 if no transaction made before Jan 2017. If the member does 2nd transaction on 1st Dec 2015 then the total points will get expired on 31 Dec 2017

  • Points/tier will be calculated at the end of the day and new Tier will start from next day

Upgrade and Downgrade of Tiers

  • Upgrade/Downgrade of Tiers will be based on cumulative points earned by the member in a period of 24 months from the date of enrollment or last Upgrade/Downgrade date.

  • Member to maintain the threshold points in 24 months from the date of Tier upgrade to retain tier, downgrade to one level if criteria not met.(Please refer points slabs required to maintain tier)

  • Tier will be valid for two years from the date of last upgrade

Points earning process

Points can be earned by shopping at any of the Titan stores & E-commerce website and customer should be a encircle member, while shopping customers has to provide the encircle registered mobile number. Customer will be credited with points as per their respective tier and slabs. Points will be calculated at the back end system.

  • No Points are rewarded during discounted sales

  • Platinum tier members will earn points on Discounted products only at Tanishq, On Plain Gold Purchase they will earn 2 Points/Rs 1000 spent & Studded Gold Purchase they will earn 5 Points/Rs 1000 spent

  • Under Tanishq Exchange Program(TEP) & Goldplus exchange Program(GPEP) transactions, members will earn points only on additional value (money paid by customer over and above the TEP & GPEP value)

  • Credit notes, gift cards, exchange products, Encircle points redeemed etc. will not earn points

  • Birthday / Marriage Anniversary discounts related sales will continue to get points, however this will always be on Nett value

Redemption Process

Step 1: If customer is already a member then his available points will be redeemed based on members request

Step 2: There is no minimum points required for redemption

Step 3: Customers should always carry their registered mobile number which is mapped with encircle membership. Authorization code(OTP) will be sent to the registered mobile number for all redemption, without which redemption will not be allowed. Same process applies for online process aswell

What will happen to customer points when Goods are returned (GRN process)?

When goods are returned/exchanged Points debiting will be done based on the points earned as per the customers transacted tier not on the lowest tier.

Welcome GVs & its redemption process

When customer enrolls for encircle, he/she will receive MGV/EGV via SMS & E-mail which can be redeemed at World of Titan, Helios, Fastrack and Titan Eyeplus.

Step 1: Visit any World of Titan/ Helios/Fastrack/Titan Eyeplus store to redeem GV

Step2: When billing please provide the sent GV code to cashier

Step3: Cashier will apply GV code to the bill and voucher is redeemed

Member can visit any of the store mentioned above redeem the GV, this can be redeemed only once in the respective channels. Offers are fixed to their respective channels and the tiers which they are enrolling in to. Welcome Gift Vouchers are valid for Six months from member enrollment date

Encircle program customer privileges

  1. B’Day/Marriage Annvsry: Whether its your Birthday or Marriage anniversary, get exclusive offers from encircle which can be availed at Tanishq, Fastrack, World of Titan, Helios, SKINN, Titan Eyeplus & Taneira. Offer will be active in member’s account only for 30 days(15 days before Birthday/Wedding anniversary day & 15 days after Birthday/Wedding anniversary day). Member can avail all offers but restricted to only one time redemption in each brand during offer period.

  2. Exclusive preview: Be the first to check out our new products at exclusive product previews enjoy the offers before anyone else. Over and above discounts for encircle members during activation across all divisions. You will get to know about our offers 2 or 3 days in advance.

  3. Free cleaning: Get Free cleaning done for your Jewellery & Watches on request. Store will use approved & friendly liquids/Clothes to give a smooth cleaning for your Jewellery & Watches.

  4. Free Eye checkup & Eye wear servicing: Get free servicing done for Eye wear. Eye test reminder and Contact Lens refill reminder every 6 months at your service. We help you mark your calendar. Eye check up is free for encircle members at all Eye plus stores

  5. Gift Points: Customers can transfer/Gift points to their beloved one’s irrespective of him/her being member or Non-member by logging on to encircle website. Gifted points will be valid for 6 months from the transfer date. Unutilized gifted points will expire on end of sixth month from transfer. This feature will be launched before June 30th 2016.

  6. 150 Bonus points for Profile update: Members are eligible for 150 Bonus Points for First time Profile update at Website only, consecutive Profile update will not get bonus points. Bonus points will be credited with in 15 days from profile submit date at titanencircle.com

Contact us/Customer support

a. Where I can check my transaction summary?

Transaction summary can be checked in any of the following ways:

1. Call encircle helpdesk at 1800-108-4826

2. Visit website www.titanencircle.com log in with User Id password to check transaction summary

b. How do I get User id and password?

User id will be customer’s Mobile number/Membership id and password will be sent to customers registered email id within 48 hours of enrollment or customer himself can also generate his password at www.titanencircle.com

c. How can I know my point details?

Customer can Log in to website and get transaction history or alternatively he can also call customer care to get the same information. Customer can call 080-45300005 & dial '2' to get their point balance real time

d. How can I update the change of contact details?

1. Call the toll free number 1800-108-4826 or write to customercare@titan.co.in b/w 10 AM to 10 PM on all days

2. Log in to www.titanencircle.com enter/update profile details.