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  1. Membership is voluntary and open to Indian citizens based in India only and shall be recognized only through concerned Indian mobile numbers of members/family members enrolled and as registered with www.titanencircle.com or registered with Titan Company Limited (“Company”).

  2. No physical membership cards will be issued to the customers/members/family members.

    • While making purchases at Tanishq, Zoya, MIA, World of Titan, Fastrack, Helios, Titan Eye plus & Taneira outlets across India, mention encircle membership number or registered mobile number to the cashier before billing. Points will be credited only when membership number is provided while billing. Please ensure to check mobile number matching with your name and update us with change of mobile number through our website www.titanencircle.com or customer care help desk at 18001084826 only.

    • Member can also earn encircle points while making purchases at Company's online website https://www.titan.co.in (E-commerce website) & also at www.caratlane.com. Customer required to link his/her encircle membership number with his/her account profile in website to earn encircle points. Points will credited only after successful delivery of order. Please ensure to check mobile number & email id is matching with your name and update us for any change through our website www.titanencircle.com or customer care help desk at 18001084826 only.

  3. Please note that the purchase of gold coins/bars & silver articles are excluded from the Titan Encircle program.

  4. Reward points can be redeemed at Tanishq, Zoya, MIA, World of Titan, Fastrack, Helios, Titan Eye plus & Taneira outlets across India & also at E-commerce websites(titan.co.in, Caratlane.com). The value of one point is equal to Rupee 1. However, reward points cannot be redeemed for cash. Members will be required to present the membership number/mobile number at the time of redemption of the reward points for offline purchase. Customer required to link his/her encircle membership number with his/her account profile in E-commerce website to redeem encircle points.

  5. By enrolling into the Titan encircle program at any Titan store through enrollment form, Tabs or enrolling through E-commerce websites you agree that you have read the terms & conditions that govern the Titan encircle program and that you accept them. As an encircle member you will also start receiving promotional communication from all Titan brands.

  6. The encircle reward Points issued by Company to the members/family members are free and is without any consideration to be payable by member/family members who is/are enrolled. The allotment & redemption of reward points will be solely at the discretion of Company and no right created to the Customer/member/family member and is a privilege given to a customer/member/family member.

  7. Titan encircle program benefit cannot be clubbed with any other offer or discount, viz. reward points will not be awarded in the following cases.

    • Special offers / promotions / items excluded by the management

    • Points Earning/Accrual will not be applicable during the following schemes: Activation/Consumer scheme, Best Buy, End Of Season Sale(EOSS), Discount given during all exchange offers, Gift With Purchase offer

    • Against the purchase of gold coins/bars & silver articles.

    • Against purchase of Gift Vouchers, Titan Gift Cards & Extended Maintenance Guarantee card.

  8. Member's signature is subject to verification at the time of purchase or redemption.

  9. Unless specifically gift the accrued points by the member, the name on the invoice should be the same as the registered name in the Encircle program for successful earning of points and redemption of points.

  10. Subject to terms and conditions mentioned herein, only encircle member can gift the accumulated reward points to his family and friends and all such gift shall be made through www.titanencircle.com only

  11. One Time Password is mandatory for redeeming the available points so customer should carry their register mobile number while redeeming encircle points at Company's' outlet. OTP will be sent to their registered mobile# while billing is done & the same should be shared with cashier for point redemption.

  12. Redemption of reward points by relative or friend of encircle member shall be subject to production of appropriate photo ID proof and address proof issued by Government agency and as updated by encircle member in www.titanencircle.com and the sufficiency of any address/ID proof documents is as decided by Company and is at the sole discretion of Company which is final and binding.

  13. No cash refund will be entertained for purchases made by redeeming reward points in the case of purchase returns.

  14. Reward Points once redeemed against a purchase can in no event be re-credited unless there is return & exchange of the product and upon such return and exchange the points will be reversed to the members account and it will be made available for his next purchase/exchanged product. Redemption of Reward points cannot be clubbed with Enrollment Voucher/Gift Voucher redemption.

  15. The points credited to the account of the member shall not be redeemed in cash.

  16. The credit of reward points against purchases will take at least 2 days in case purchases made at Company's outlet & 16 days in case purchases made at titan.co.in, 90 days in case of www.caratlane.com from the invoice date to reflect in the member's account. However, Titan Company Ltd. shall not be responsible for any delay in having the reward points credited into the member's account.

  17. Reward points will be given on invoice value net of encircle points redeemed.

  18. Titan encircle membership will be active for 36 months from the date of their last transaction at any of the Titan brands(offline/online). Customer will have to enroll as a New member if he is returning after 36 months.

  19. Reward points & Tiers will be valid for 24 months from the month of last transaction. If not redeemed within 24 months from the date of last accrual, at the Quarter end of the 24th month, such reward points shall lapse. However, subject to the validity mentioned herein, in case of gift of reward points, by a member to his family and friends, the validity is only for 6 (Six) months from the date of such gift.

  20. For details of Tiers, details of earning of points and upgrading of the Tiers please refer to www.titanencircle.com and Titan Company Limited reserves the right to change/modify the terms and conditions of Tiers, its applicability and up gradation thereof from time to time.

  21. Titan encircle Welcome Gift Vouchers are valid for Six months from the member enrollment date.

  22. Titan encircle Birthday & Wedding anniversary offer will be active in member’s account for 30 days(15 days before Birthday/Wedding anniversary day & 15 days after Birthday/Wedding anniversary day)

  23. Member can avail any Birthday/Anniversary offer of their choice at any channel only once. Offer will be active in members account for 30 days (15 days before & after Birthday or Wedding anniversary day). Birthday/Wedding anniversary day offer cannot be clubbed with any ongoing offer. Fastrack, WOT & Helios offer can be availed for maximum upto Rs.1500 only. Titan Eyeplus offer is valid only on House brands & not valid on Titan Ace lenses. Flat 10% off on sarees at Taneira, not applicable on stitching of blouses, finishing services (fall, pico, etc). Member will not be eligible for Points accrual if offer is clubbed with any on going offer. SKINN offer can be availed for maximum UPTO Rs 1000. Tanishq Birthday or Wedding anniversary is UPTO 10% off on Diamond Jewellery & Gold making charges

  24. Now members can avail encircle Benefits & Privileges along with their Friends & Families by creating a Friends & Family account at titanencircle.com

    • Member initiating addition of member is Primary member.

    • Member being added to a Family & Friends account is Secondary member.

    • Only 9 members can be added in a Friends & Family(F&F) account by Primary member.

    • Only Friend, Husband, Wife, Brother, Sister, Father, Mother, son & Daughter can be added in Friends & Family account.

    • Shared OTP has to be validated within fifteen minutes from its delivery at Primary & secondary member end.

    • All member points will be pooled in to single account in a F&F account.

    • Points earning & burning will happen from the same account for all F&F members.

    • When members are De-linked from the account, De-linked member can’t reclaim his pooled points in a F&F account.

    • Highest tier in the group will be applicable for all members of group.

    • Linking & De-linking will be effective within 24 hours from its initiation.

    • When Goods are returned by De-linked member for the items which he/she bought when he/she was a F&F member in the account, at the time points will be credited back to F&F account but not to his individual account.

    • When member is De-linked, he will be assigned to tier of the group or to the tier which he/she belonged while becoming a member in F&F account (whichever is Lowest tier).

    • The Highest tier in the group will be mapped to all members & it will be a Group Tier.

    • Points earning will be on Group Tier.

    • Eligible amount of all group member will be considered for tier upgrade.

    • Primary & authorized members have privilege of redeeming pooled points from the group.

    • If secondary member use the Pooled points and moves out of the group and then does GRN then points reversal will be effected to group (i.e. Points redemption will reverse to source account).

    • If Primary member is blocked then rest of secondary cards should get De-linked.

    • If primary member is active and later, if primary member is Blocked then all the members (primary + secondary’s) will get equal point

    • If secondary member gets blocked then that member will be De-linked automatically. Family points will still remain with family. Secondary member who got blocked basis, which he was De-linked automatically will move with zero point balance and tier would become either his original tier or the family tier whichever is lowest.

    • Communication is sent to both parties once linking or De-linking is successful.

    • De-linking process can be initiated by primary or secondary member

    • The group will dissolve if primary member is De-linked from the group and all secondary members will fall back to Tier at which they have entered the group. All secondary member will be Delinked with tier whichever is lowest “entered tier” or “group tier” and points will be distributed equally

    • After De-linking the members will fall back to Tier at which they have entered the group

    • Individual Member Tier Upgrade & Downgrade rules are applicable in F&F account tier upgrade & downgrade also. If members are not able to accumulate required points to retain the tier within stipulated time then tier will be downgraded to one level below. Attained Tier is valid for 24 months from the upgrade/downgrade date

  25. Encircle Members can gift their encircle points to their beloved one’s/Friends through encircle website www.titanencircle.com.

    • No limit to gift number of points but it is always limited to Gifting members point Balance

    • The Family Member/Friends being gifted need not have to be a member in encircle, when points are gifted to him by default he will be enrolled to encircle & his gifted points will reflect in his encircle account.

    • Gifted points are valid only for 6 months from the date of gift unless the validity of Points expired.

    • The Primary Member need to validate gifting points thru OTP in encircle website.

    • Both Primary Member & Family Member being added and friends being gifted will be notified through SMS with regard to linking and delinking of family member & gifting of encircle points as the case may be.

    • Points transfer is a real time process, transfer will happen immediately however, is subject to various factors system errors, network problems etc which are beyond the control of the Company and Company is not responsible for any such delays.

    • During the validity of points which are gifted, its validity will be further extended for another 6 months from the date of such gift but will not get renewed thereafter.

    • Once the points are gifted, neither the family member of Primary Member nor his/her friend shall able to further make a claim on the same or renew the validity extended thereto.

  26. Some facilities and benefits offered to members of the Titan Encircle program which may be provided by any organization/s with whom Company have some arrangements however, over which Company have no control. Company does not guarantee or warranty that, such benefits and facilities will be available, nor will it be liable for any loss or damage arising from the provision or non- provision, whether in whole or in part, of any such benefits or facilities. However, in the event of any problems faced in availing such benefits or facilities, members are requested to inform the Company.

  27. The Titan Encircle membership is only for individual use and not for corporate purchases. The Titan Encircle membership is non-transferable.

  28. At any point, the Company reserves the right to withdraw, alter/modify any or all of the membership issued. Company will have limited liability to the encircle member, only to the extent of the points available in the credit of the member's account. At any point in time, the Company shall not be liable to the Primary Member or his/her Family Members/Friends for any inter-se disputes between them.

  29. For breach of any of these terms and conditions by the member or failure to pay for purchases made, the member shall lose his accumulated reward points.

  30. Titan Company Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to award points or redeem accumulated points, for any breach of these conditions or failure to pay for purchases.

  31. Company will maintain and update in electronic form data that is provided by Members at the time of enrollment or through subsequent contact. Company reserves hereby the right and Member/family member hereby agrees & authorize Company to share his/her data with agencies or organizations for the provision of member services, facilities & benefits and on requirement of any Government agencies/authorities.

  32. Titan Encircle membership will be issued solely at the discretion of the management and the final decision on all matters relating to the membership shall rest with Titan Company Ltd.

  33. This membership is not valid for the staff of Titan Company Ltd, Business Associates including staff of Business Associates of Titan Company Ltd., unless specially approved.

  34. At the sole discretion of the Company, all special offers, updates & account activity details will be communicated to the respective encircle Primary Member/Family Member/his/her Friend through SMS, direct mail and/or email. However, Company shall not be responsible in any manner for any loss, delayed, incorrect or incomplete communications.

  35. Being a part of Titan Encircle program encircle members hereby authorize Titan Company Limited to call/sms/email to communicate on offers from us or any company associated with us

  36. Members are requested to update any change in their address and profile from time to time. Contact the Titan encircle desk at our outlets or write to: Netcarrots Loyalty Services, ‘Legacy’, 6, Convent Road, 1st Floor, Richmond Road, Bangalore-560025, India. Email: encircle@titan.co.in to update any change in their address and profile other than mobile number. Members are required to send a communication from their registered email id to our customer care help desk at customercare@titan.co.in or make a call at out customer care contact number 18001084826 only to update any change in their mobile number.

  37. Company reserves the right to change, cancel and modify the terms & conditions, reward structure relating to the Titan encircle Program including discontinuation of the program itself. Company will not be held responsible if any of the participating brands withdraw from the Titan encircle program.

  38. In the event of a dispute between Primary Member and Company and/or between Family Member/Friend of Primary Member and Company, with regard to or in relation to the Titan encircle program, the decision of Company shall be deemed final. All such disputes shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Bangalore only.